Interior design 2023: what furniture colors are in fashion today?

Ванны моечные Помимо обустройства гостиниц, хостелов, отелей, туристических баз, инвентарь актуален в частных жилых владениях. Техническая характеристика, которой обладает антивандальная моечная ванна позволяет использовать ее с комфортом на дачных участках под открытым небом. Отдельно стоит отметить возможности эргономичности пространства: ванну моечную можно заказать в любых размерах и модификаций форм.
e502b9b4 Fashion is a fleeting phenomenon, and it is this feature of it that gives us modern trends, makes its own adjustments to all areas of life, including interior design and the style of its design. What new interior fashion will break into 2023?

Interior design 2023: top 7 key trends. Today, there are two categories of trends in the interior of 2023. The first reinforces the trends of previous seasons. The second category, the so-called "microtrends", arose as a result of the global events of 2023 and how dramatically the rhythm of life has changed.

Designers identify 7 trends in the interior for next year:

Basic interior shades
Original furniture shapes and textures
Complex lighting
Natural furniture
Matte surfaces
Combined space in the interior and functional zoning
Eclectic and individual design

Today, apartments “with character” are becoming more and more popular, conveying the individuality of the owners, and the comfort and functionality of the furniture furnishings come to the fore.

Interior design trends in 2023 do not bring any global changes, yet professional decorators advise emphasizing the environmental friendliness of materials and the correct placement of accents.

On this site, we will tell you which fashion trends in interior design in 2023 are the most relevant and what you should pay attention to.

Which furniture is better: ready-made or custom-made?

A person who is in a state of repair and reaches the stage of furnishing always asks himself the question: should I buy something ready-made, or order furniture according to an individual project? On the one hand, long shopping trips inspire and suggest new design solutions, but they also tire and cause confusion.

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What materials are furniture made of?

Today, designers can use a variety of materials - metal, plastic, glass, rattan. But the most popular are solid wood, chipboard or chipboard, MDF, postforming.

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How to evaluate the quality of furniture yourself

Tell me, with what or with whom do we have to contact the most at home? Men will immediately give out as a joke - “with mother-in-law”, women will show more imagination and give more answers. But at the same time, it is unlikely that someone will name a universal definition and say - "with furniture."

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