What is the name of the social system created by Yeltsin, Medvedev and Putin?

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 Valery Chumakov
What is the name of the social system created by Yeltsin, Medvedev and Putin?


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Michael --
this is fascism, but it was created long before them - still humpbacked

Sweet Burger
Russian variety of fascism

Peter Ivanov



and Batrukha happens to the old woman
Putinism. And why is this word used only in a negative context? Conservative, hybrid economy, soft autocracy, diplomacy, focus on restoring the historical borders and influence of Russia - Putinism should enter the textbooks of political science and history as the best alternative to capitalism and socialism.

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the system created by Yeltsin was called "God save America"

T. Modestova
Ask in 30 years. Now scientists have not yet come to a consensus. And the opinion of politicians should not be trusted.

Vladimir Yudin
Frenzied capitalism - that's what domestic communists call it. In fact - one of the varieties of capitalism.

There are very serious differences between the types (models) of the political regimes of Yeltsin and Putin. Their essence boils down to the following: ● Under Yeltsin, an authoritarian liberal-oligarchic regime of political power (with elements of Asian despotism) developed. It was a satellite state, subordinated to the main countries of the West, and voluntarily, without coercion. Its main ruling stratum was an alliance of the highest political and provincial bureaucracy and a narrow stratum of the largest monopolists in industry and banking capital. ● This system of political power and control (the Yeltsin model) was dismantled under Putin. "Putin's state" is a parliamentary-authoritarian model of the state in the political system and a liberal-managed type of regulation in the economic system. Thus, it is a more complex system in which the regime of personal power rests not only on the oligarchy, but also on broader social support. Vladimir Putin severely limited the possibilities of the "old oligarchy" as an accomplice of the "collective presidency" and regained the basic powers of an autocratic ruler.