How are the curtains for the nursery? Or is monotone better?

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 Elena Trunina
How are the curtains for the nursery? Or is monotone better?


I remember that Vanino port...
good, funny)

Generally cool.

No. Figures too big. Those eyes... Monochromatic wall-curtains are better with a pattern. For example. https://www.karniz.ru/catalog/product/komplekt_shtor_na_tesme__sovy_/

Normal, but monophonic not catchy is also good.

Ask a child

It can be funny if the walls are plain.

Not really, it would be better characters from Russian cartoons

Evgenia Astakhova
Cool. Sometimes change to others so that your eyes are not blurred ....

Elena Mikhailova
monophonic is better

just a wanderer
monophonic is better. After all, the room will still be full of toys .. by the way, the cartoon tyrier does not have a very beneficial effect on the psyche.

Evgenia Nikolaeva
Single colors are better.

Dmitry Dmitriev
if the room is for a girl of 3-6 years old, then this is it!