There are a lot of people who think they are great geopoliticians. Who will answer my question, what is the political system in the United S

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There are a lot of people who think they are great geopoliticians. Who will answer my question, what is the political system in the United States?
I must say right away - THREE words are enough for an answer. Anything more will be ignored. I ask you not to confuse the method of formation of statehood, the form of power, the prevailing vector of economic development and the political regime. To clarify the issue. It's about the political regime. The main types of SUTs, but the key distinction in modern political science is considered to be the dichotomy of democratic and non-democratic regimes,


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Dmitry Afonov

Zlata Vetrova
as in rf

☠Avanez Kirpichkin☠
Ask taxi drivers, they know everything. And how to save the universe, the world, animals, children, people, and so on! How to defeat evil, how to make everyone rich, from the homeless to the aligarh, they all know that! It is a pity that they are not taken to the kingdom, otherwise they would live richly, that's all. ;)))

Dictatorship, oligarchy, tyranny - here are three words for you, choose one of them, which one you like best. Adolf Hitler is just a small child compared to them.

mafia oligarchic. In Russia, just a mafia.

kleptocratic nepotism.

Fursov Yuri
I don’t care about those conditions for the answer that you set, Rotten system! What can such a president do if he cannot utter a word without a piece of paper? I don’t understand who leads the country, but I agree that it wasn’t the people who chose them

Architect Mendisabal.
satanic.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrxmTuejd6Q

Mikhail Fedorov
representative democracy

The USA is an aggressive bubble with a total dictatorship of liberal Satanism mimicking democracy. And the LGBT is a tool for spreading this liberal Satanism from the USA around the world, and forcibly and aggressively.


Officially - a federal presidential republic. In fact, it is the largest province in England.

Anton Chesky
It seems that you imagine yourself to be this geopolitician.

Colony of trading corporations.

Chinese Revisionist
And why do you consider yourself to know what kind of system is there? How many years have you lived in the USA?


Alexandra F.
Who the hell do we need to know what is there in the Negro overseas, among donkeys and elephants

valentina morozova
pirate transport with slaves or tortuga

federal presidential republic

Konstantin Zlobin
Clan oligarchy ... clans sitting in the shadows rule in the USA .. and presidents are just a picture .. the same s-ma came to Russia in the 90s .. but in a much worse form, like any monkeying .. but the organizers of this system that in Russia that in the USA ... general ... entirely countrymen ... like in Ukraine