Car repair, leaking

В каталоге представлена качественная искусственная кожа для мебели, купить.. Такая искусственная кожа (Турция) придает диванам и креслам нарядный и экстравагантный внешний вид. Искусственная кожа также может быть гладкой или фактурной, украшаться разнообразным тиснением. Тактильной мягкостью.


 Vanya Lukyanov
Car repair, leaking
Tell me, viburnum during the rain, where does it come from?


Aset Zhumagazov
Take apart while wet and inspect

The windshield is not sealed .. the drain under the frill is clogged

Dmitry Shestaev
Does the liquid have a smell? Color? If not, look at the windshield and drains.

Bidon Nadoev
I had such an accent when it was raining heavily. It turned out that from time to time the stock clogged up, such as a rubber hose, an exit under the hood, into the engine compartment. I cleaned it and everything became ointment-mandro.

Kalinovskaya hemorrhoids - water runs through the cabin filter

Clean drain holes, if any. Open the hood and...