Do they do major repairs in installments

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 Vladimir Romanovich
Do they do major repairs in installments
In Samara, well, or how to find money for repairs


do not do

Georgy Dobrelin

borrow the dough, or there you have a gelding for which you only have money to refuel once a week

Do. Google it..

If the master or the owner of the service is a good friend, or a friend - why not. But even if you are not familiar - how to agree. It all depends on your communication skills.

Sell ​​a kidney, I'll buy it for 100 thousand, I can buy two for 250 thousand.

take halva in a scoop bank

Asd A
Watch the movie "Green Van" and relax.

Bidon Nadoev
If you agree with the masters, they will do it.

Viktor Maksimov
Leave the car as a deposit - they can do it.