How much will a monitor repair cost?

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 Niks Niks Kozvrev
How much will a monitor repair cost?
Recently, I accidentally pulled the power cord and the monitor fell on the table with the screen (from a not very high height, but still), I bought it a year ago for 10,000, will 3-5 thousand be enough for me to fix it in sc?


6-7 thousand matrix replacement.

Alexander Babin
Take google the cost of its matrix according to the monitor model. Because the matrix will be loved for replacement.

Viktor Makshaev
No - not enough. Better buy a new one.

Class @
Buy a new monitor full everywhere, why repair ...

Sergey Sulimov
mona 4 pcs bu buy ... and there will still be left for beer

Yaroslav Perfiliev
for 3 thousand, they will only disassemble it and assemble it for you; the matrix costs 90 percent of the price of the monitor itself; it’s easier to buy a new one

Il tempo score
Buy a new one, pull out a power supply unit from this, it can come in handy, the rest goes to a landfill. Leave the cables

depends on the model and price of the monitor matrix - some do not make sense to repair

matrix cost + work, approximately 2000

Shadow Dargon
It's easier to buy a new monitor, repairing the old one will be more expensive