Why do people in Texas build bunkers in their yards?

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Why do people in Texas build bunkers in their yards?


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To live there.

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I heard the type for zombie apocalypse or nuclear war

Radion r
First, because of the hurricanes. Secondly, it can be said that it has been a tradition since the 60s - they were built like for survival in a nuclear war: then, of course, it became clear that there was little use - but they did not stop building; Conditionally it's like buying a garage.

Artem Antonov
afraid of the barbarian people in the east. I would be afraid of them too. Rome is a science for that.

Aleksandr Ledenoy

Anglo-Saxons always prepare in advance. By the way, the US government has made a huge order of medicines and treatments for diseases caused by exposure and radiation. All these measures can reduce the number of deaths in a nuclear war. And only Vanka sits until the thunder breaks out ...

Alexander Trofimov
From little mind and big money

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because of the tornado

clear why. from a vigorous Russian rocket))

World has gone mad
tornadoes usually