Why in the USSR, with general industrialization, were they not able to build roads throughout the country?


Why in the USSR, with general industrialization, were they not able to build roads throughout the country?
Let's take, for example, newsreel of San Francisco in the 1940s (yes, yes, I know, we had a war) As you can see, there is a modern asphalt track here. Or here, the modern American outback In addition to well-groomed, you can pay attention to the asphalt, on which there is not a single hole or crack! And this is what the roads in Alaska look like! But what about in our country? It so happened that in our Mother Rus' the rulers never paid attention to the problem of roads. So it was under the tsar, Under socialism And this problem haunts us today And there is no need to say here that the climate is to blame, because in Norway it does not interfere with the construction of roads and autobahns


I'll tell you more - even Putin is not to blame for this :)))) You are to blame :))) Here is my Khabarovsk Territory :) They imprisoned Ishaev, then they imprisoned Furgal, then Putin got fucked ... and appointed Degtyarev, now the roads are built like this that I'm just shocked :))) I've never seen them built like that :) The bottom line - should people be given the opportunity to choose their own governors? :))))

We must also remember WHAT the Russian Empire left us, the Civil and Great Patriotic War. OUR person will not ask such a question, or he is far from history!

Architect Mendisabal.
Norway cannot be compared with Russia in terms of distances .. Here is the climate and distances. Plus your bias. Again, depending on where to take the photo. Your photo of the USSR is somewhere in the village .. when and where there were autobahns in the villages .. Yes, even on such a rise. ) ARE YOU IN YOURSELF AT ALL?

Seliger Finch))
Now ride horses in specially designated places))

Different soil, finally, different conditions for the construction of roads, and the American ones were built mainly in the 30s by the unemployed, almost under escort, but they, the specialists, had little choice, either to go to the USSR, and there were up to 400 tons of them, at the construction car factories and Dneproges, or wave a pickaxe for a dollar a day

you do not take into account the climate, in 2-3 years any asphalt surface dies, what is the climate where there are no such problems? even in Europe it is warmer and there are no such frosts as we have ...

built railroads, in the United States road transportation, and dwarf countries are about nothing

Is San Francisco a country? Norway is half the size of Moscow.

Valery Makarov
I will tell you a secret now. Most of the European territory of the USSR was completely destroyed during World War II (I remind you that before that there was a civil war, which led to devastation throughout Russia). And the country faced the question of restoring these territories. In addition, the country simultaneously invested billions of rubles in the arms race in order to keep up with the enemies of the USSR, the USA and NATO. It's short. Then think for yourself.

Do you even know that the United States was not captured at all during World War II, They were not bombed and people were not sent to camps And the USSR was destroyed by almost 90% But you apparently don’t know This is where such ignorant questions come from

Nikolai Kindulov
A LOT of roads have been set up in Russia!! Only after six months they become useless ....