Your attitude to loft-style furniture


 Arkady Timokhov
Your attitude to loft-style furniture
I look around Moscow, there are many companies that make furniture in the loft style. This type of furniture is different from the one we are so used to, but how do you like this furniture?


Looks like chairs in schools

Olenka Smile
Looks like cheap furniture.

Snail on the slope.
I like. All you need is a suitable apartment and interior.

Ivan Saraev

ʢ۩ʡLion kinGʢ۩ʡ
Simple furniture made of cheap material can only cause disgust for it ... The case when demand creates supply, and what is the demand for people living from paycheck to paycheck?! Moreover, such a squalor brings up bad taste in children who copy our life. When I saw this style for the first time, I could hardly imagine IT in a residential apartment... This is a mockery of furniture production, of the art of furniture making.

just a wanderer
attitude as low-functional furniture for storage facilities) by the way. the table in the first photo, despite met. the frame and "legs" have a very fragile design, with a decent load, these "legs" will disperse, moreover, a table of incomprehensible purpose, does not pull on a dining room, has no shelves or drawers for a worker. truncated is just a fashionable ugliness)) mutilated minimalism.

first player
how can I tell you .. the welders are cheating the population quietly))) the price is 70 times more than the cost ... as well as epoxy-filled floors, tables, etc. ... it’s easier to rub love for brochl than to make a crystal vase ...

Bars are good. Not very good at home

I dislike not only furniture, but also the loft style in general. It's not mine.