Where can you find a chandelier?


 Ekaterina Petrova
Where can you find a chandelier?
A long time ago, I was 5-7 years old, our family lived in a separate house, and a chandelier hung in the hall, similar to the one in the picture. Now I live in St. Petersburg, and I would like to bring a piece of that life into my current interior. If anyone can tell me in which stores you can find, if not a chandelier, then at least a similar lamp, floor lamp or sconce, I will be very grateful!


Carluccio Karlov
look here https://www.msveta.ru/catalog/lyustry-khrustalnye/

Dmitry Avgirin
There may still be on Avito, people sometimes sell old workers

Alexander Popov
What's the point of clinging to the past? Now there are a lot of beautiful and stylish lamps with a bunch of additional functions, and for 4500 rubles it is quite possible to buy a modern lamp

Alexey Kuznetsov
there’s another style to know it. there are cascading ones with pendants on Avito, just write a ussr chandelier there and scroll through a similar one ht tps://www.avito.ru/omsk/mebel_i_interer/lyustra_sssr_plastik_kak_steklo_2461340385

These chandeliers are outdated back in 1980. But at the flea market sometimes on Avito you sometimes meet