Is it worth it to overhaul the engine?

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 Mahmud Mamedov
Is it worth it to overhaul the engine?
I have a Hyundai ix 35 2012. Because of the wrong oil, the engine is in a terrible state. I decided to make repairs. I change chains, pistons, connecting rods, etc. (I don’t change the shaft and vanos, they are in good condition). What will be the use after repairing it? professional. Please tell me what will be the positive changes in the engine? And how long will it travel?


The main oil in the engine is bad making junk out of the engine

Slava m
cheaper to replace

Everything is calculated - your investment in repairs .. or take a repair warranty engine!

Dmitry Sosnovskikh
how professional is your minder, if he cannot answer for his work, look for a normal one and he will write everything down for you

The minder will benefit in the form of your money. And about the engine - a fortune-telling section elsewhere. I give 98% probability that in the near future you will replace it with a contract one ...

There will be no benefit, this is not a repair. It makes no sense to change the connecting rods, as well as pistons without boring. A competent engine capital on this trough will cost about 220,000 rubles with work

How to understand in a terrible state? Does diesel and oil eat or is it just dirty inside?

Filled with sunflower? )

Semyon! My engine is eating oil! suspension knocks! eats up rubber! transfers are stuck with difficulty! what should i do with the car? Simon: "SELL!!!"