Very unusual bed


 Arseny Frolov
Very unusual bed
Oversized bed, looking for a mattress on it, but not for 100,500 rubles. Do you think it's realistic to find?


Tatyana Bolshova
Try to make to order according to your dimensions. There is such a service.

Andrey Mokhov
Yes. to order.

Nadezhda Albinskaya
No, well, depending, of course, what does oversized mean, if there are 3 by 3 meters, then I doubt that it will be budgetary)

Irina Pankova
In fact, a non-standard mattress is no longer new, and neither expensive nor scary. We needed 185x205. We ordered in Strong and it turned out somewhere only 15% more expensive.

Really. Liron mattresses.

Alexey Kuznetsov
to order at least ten meters they will make 30 rubles if 200x200

Igor Vasilievich Denisov
Fallback option is to change the bed to a standard size.

Irina Baron
She looked herself. Now they will make any mattress. Just measure everything exactly. Length and width. If the bed is round, they can too.) Good luck.

Dorie Riessen
Arseniy of course you can find a mattress suitable for the dimensions of your bed. Now there is a fairly wide selection of different mattresses and in different price categories. And you can find a suitable option in the company [link blocked by the decision of the project administration]