What is it like to sleep on an air mattress?


 Anya Suvorova
What is it like to sleep on an air mattress?
I have a sofa settling in a rented apartment. I don't want to buy furniture here. And it already hurts my back. Maybe inflatable is the way out?


Dayana Makhova
Back and neck will hurt in the morning

i liked it

9 circles of hell, not a dream, not only does this garbage periodically deflate on its own, it also deflates faster and faster over time, pumped up well before going to bed, and woke up as if in water

both are very tight.

I tried and ended up sleeping on the floor. And that's more convenient.

1000000 minutes
Disgusting! Uncomfortable! If the apartment is cool, you also need to put the blanket down, because it is cold in itself, and the air in it is cold and does not heat up.

His back will hurt in the same way, besides, he tends to deflate - he pumped up before going to bed, woke up almost on the floor in the morning. It is better to buy an ordinary good mattress and put it directly on the floor, then take it with you. Or a couch topper.

Andrew L.
It’s better to buy 50mm foam rubber. Although the mattress is new, it deflates until the morning. We tried three different pieces, such as for guests.

That inflatable, that water mattresses - are not suitable. Buy an ordinary normal wadded mattress, it is very inexpensive. And put it on the couch

In the night
Well, why not ... try ... or a folding bed, for example ..)

Irina Baron
Ivanovo. Cotton is inexpensive. Measure the width and length and order. They can also bring home.

By the morning it is blown away))))

tin .. had experience.

Tatyana Bolshova
Buy a spring mattress.

Valge Naine
No, no ice...

in the Crimea when we went by car we slept on air mattresses. in the linen area in a tent slept on an air mattress. nothing special tolerable

Mido Mico
from the inflatable will also hurt. buy a good mattress and on the floor. like tatami.

It is very difficult to find a quality air mattress. In 70% of cases it will be blown away.

Depending on the ratio of the mass / size of the body and the elasticity of the mattress. It is MANDATORY to put an additional mattress made of hygroscopic materials. If there is nothing to take sweat away from you, you will NEVER get enough sleep, even on a soft comfortable bed.

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