Who remembers: how much furniture cost in the USSR in the 70s (see ext)

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 Huli Gali
Who remembers: how much furniture cost in the USSR in the 70s (see ext)
the cost of a 3-fold wardrobe (GDR)? bookcase (Romanian), easy chair? wooden bed? kitchen table? kitchen table-cabinet + wall cabinet?


Vladimir Vasiliev
each in a different way. see stat. there are old prices. + delivery from 3-25r

In the night
I remember the current, if I'm not mistaken, the wall is 700 and 25 on top ..)

Doom Quake
written on the back of the paper

Andrey Trufanov
one). Yes, it was stupidly not on sale! 2). Dispersed on directors of bases and sellers of shops! 3). People have been queuing for headsets for years! four). Have you heard about the trade deficit in the USSR?!

Irina Baron
As yesterday I remember the 70th ... 18 rubles an air mattress, for swimming. Children's 10 rub. TV black and white 365 rub. Colored about 800 rubles. Washing machine about a hundred. They rinsed it in the bathroom.) And they squeezed it with their hands. They dried on ropes, on the street or in the kitchen when it rained... Upholstered furniture, suite 800 rub. Blue bath - a rarity, chic ... Finnish plumbing. Liked Finnish paint. For the carpet "Russian Beauty" speculators-hucksters asked for a hundred rubles from above! Jeans from the USA 150-200 rubles. In the Moscow region Boots Austria 120 rub. in the shop. Shoes Italy and Austria 65 rub. 18 rub meter branded, denim. 1 kg of wool yarn 35 rubles and 55 rubles. Maher is more expensive. Fashion was in the 70s: Sweatshirts, hats, scarves.

I’m not mistaken, the wall in the Baltic States has become 650 rubles.