Ripped computer chair


Ripped computer chair
Tell me how you can reanimate a chair made of a leather substitute, which has deteriorated a little from time and from pets, having changed it costs 15 thousand, the chair seems to have been bought cheaper even back in 2015, we are already thinking of throwing a car cover on and how to do it beautifully.



beautiful flower
Covers for computer chairs are sold

Imitation leather cannot be restored, EXPENSIVE. Recovery, somehow durable, will be long, and at the price of 4 new seats in the collection. Therefore, the constriction is optimal. If they give a guarantee for the constriction, for everything, from 6 months ... With a description of the terms of the guarantee and the company's seal on the paper \ check \ agreement issued to you ... - maybe it makes sense ... Car covers come from incredibly different fabrics. Or quite simple, but glamorous; or made of fabric tested for abrasion with spiked balls + with woven anti-static and silver-plated threads + sweat-wicking and well-drying...

Alexey Kuznetsov
cloth and that's all

Find a piece of foam rubber and any fabric. further you will need the ability to wield a thread and a needle.

Restorer Mikhail
Previously correctly said leatherette can not be restored. And the amount of 15,000 rubles is the normal cost of working with materials. Considering what furniture is now made of, it is more profitable to repair it. I am a furniture repairman, furniture repair is my bread and butter