Yesterday I hung a glazed cabinet, which is positioned as a "bookcase"

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Yesterday I hung a glazed cabinet, which is positioned as a "bookcase"
Wouldn't it be too much if in a cramped room measuring 3.5 by 3 there are at the same time a wide long sofa, a chest of drawers, a computer desk, a huge wardrobe and a bookcase? Does it hang according to Feng Shui? Is it okay that it doesn't match the light shade of the chest of drawers or does it need to be repainted?


This is a shelf


Anton Savinov
stop boasting

kolya fly agaric
you can paste it over and insert a backlight inside the picture

I don't see any books in this "bookcase"))) It's really a glazed shelf. My cousin bought a few of them, stacked one on top of the other, attached it to the wall, and he got a whole book wall.

I do not care.

White Song of Petrov's Corn
today I was in the city I saw a cupboard under glass with books on the square. I stood and looked. I have never seen anything like this

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