Do you have mostly ready-made furniture in your house or did you make everything to order?


Do you have mostly ready-made furniture in your house or did you make everything to order?


Olenka Smile

Rashid Laipanov

sonic hedgehog
All to order. The modern interior does not accept finished furniture.

fucking walrus
Relatives did, well, I ordered something

I made furniture in my house myself.

Vyacheslav Vobly


I picked up a good used one, I don’t have enough for a new one

No, I stole from my friends! especially the sofa

Natulya is a beauty :)
In my opinion, kitchens are now only made to order. Another closet for the entire length of the corridor was made to fit, because. there was no such standard. The rest is just finished furniture - we don't live in a palace.

Adriana Rudak
Of course, ready. We do not bother. It's just furniture. Sofa for 20 thousand)))

To order. From the dump. Personally chose

b b
Home-made cabinet, made of natural wood, the husband makes it according to his mood. Custom - it’s cheaper for me to buy in the cut than in the office, especially since I know how to design myself, it will turn out 2-3 times cheaper. You'll save dick on facades, but it's easy on the body and fittings. Soft strictly ready - the husband from Krasnoyarsk cockroached, here the same will be 3 times more expensive to take. By the way, there was also an idea to make beautiful sofas from natural women, and put Uzbek mattresses with pillows on them, and not to bathe - cheap, spectacular, and cheerful. In short, there is a lot of rubbish))) I don’t bother, I save)))

ordered modules

Basically, to order. The bedroom is ready and upholstered furniture in the living room.

50/50 Worked in furniture production At the same time, she changed windows when she worked in a window company

Elena Mikhailova

Kira Estorskaya
Made to order for ergonomics. And ready can be good. Everything is relative.

in my room there is a closet from Vilnius 40-50s, a chest of drawers -50s, I don’t know where. Sideboard 60s polished.

Everything is different. Part of the rare furniture was inherited, the bed was bartered for advertising, the sofa was bought from hands 30 years ago, the coffee table was made by a private trader to order, the small computer table was taken from work when they were thrown away, the kitchen was made to order, but in different places for several years. From the latest acquisitions - Ikea kitchen chairs.

Mainly to order.

Alexey Kuznetsov
ready made and homemade

there is ready-made, there is own design and manufacture.

Elena Korelina
Now there is no concept of "ready-made furniture" at all, there are samples, you choose, you order, you pay - they make and bring you.

50 to 50. Half of the wife ordered me, and I did.

Ivan Saraev
Kitchen and sofa to order, everything else is ready.

just a wanderer
finished, altered by my husband according to my order, my decoration. I designed the kitchen myself.

first player
of course ready! to order one sawdust.

)))))) ...... well ..... there is a "chest of drawers" ...... 1647 of the year .... but .... this is now this thing "chest of drawers", but at that time it was like a ship's safe .....

Sweet Juliet
Everything except the beds was made to order.

Cat Kotanych
all ready. it turns out to be a little expensive to order, it is better to take something of a higher quality from the available assortment for the same money. Lapis Lazuli has good collections, we bought from them last time.