What does a tea station look like in your home?


 Asya Vid
What does a tea station look like in your home?


nice try fbi

Can you tell me where the tea is, eh? )))))))


*_* Christina *_* (ZF)
Teapot and tea bags in a box

Claire Lumiere
Kettle on the table. Boxes with teas in the cupboard) There are 7-10 different ones, with additives and herbal teas ... Cups are in another cupboard. Sugar for guests in a box, in the very back of the cabinet, the same as tea, only on another shelf)))

kettle for green tea, kettle for black tea, kettle for gas and electric stoves, and a thermal pot for reserve

a teapot in the kitchen on a stand, various tea bags in a cupboard (loose tea bags, we do not use bags), a supply of rose hips in bags in a floor cupboard.

does not look at all :)) teapots for a different number of cups and cups along with different coffee and one cupboard. different types of tea and coffee and sugar for guests in another

There's no such thing. We mostly drink tea only for children. For guests, we take out the teapot from the cupboard

tea and coffee place (photo), next to the railing hanging cezves

What is it?

just a wanderer
what the fuck is this? ))

Evgenia Nikolaeva
There is no such. The kettle is always on the stove, a box with tea bags on the windowsill, a sugar bowl on the table, cups in the dish dryer

Irina Baron
This is not tea in bags ... But they collected waste with a broom, sorry. Natural honey, ginger, lemon with skin, sea buckthorn, berries, fruits. Black currant leaf is fragrant. Jasmine flowers, linden. Mint, thyme, bergamot. I love melon tea, strawberries and strawberries with cream. I love jam from walnuts, green nuts. But the price bites...)