Shelving for zoning

Изготовление червячных колёс на заказ - более востребованная услуга по сравнению.. Изготовление червячных колес и венцов выполняют на зубофрезерных станках при помощи червячных фрез, применяя метод радиальной или тангенциальной подач, а также комбинированных с дополнительным использованием профильных резцов. Изготовление червячных пар требует наличия на предприятии высокоточного оборудования и может быть выполнено только мастером высокой квалификации. На данный момент наше предприятие выполняет восстановление червячных редукторов и изготовление следующих изделий...

 Maxim Kuznetsov
Shelving for zoning
Good afternoon, I want to ask specialists in the manufacture and assembly of furniture, in particular those with experience with zoning racks. I want to introduce two nuances into the design. And to find out theoretically whether there is a possibility of this) I attached a photo, we start from it. First, free up space for the system unit. Second, close the back wall of the rack in order to hang a TV weighing 15kg. Will the unit withstand even if fixed to a concrete wall?


Sergey Dmitriev
It is necessary to fasten not only to the wall, but also to the floor. Consider a TV stand. If the back wall is made of chipboard, then there will be enough rigidity in order to dismantle the shelf inside the cabinet in the middle. As an option - you can fix the shelf inside and rearrange it to a new place - above the system unit - you will fix it.

Irina Baron
Maksim. What if the locker doesn't fit? TVs are attached to the wall, special pieces of iron ... To be reliable. So think about it ... Is it worth the risk?

And under the system manager what to release? Remove the front and remove the shelf, if there is one inside.

just a wanderer
there was such a good idea with the rack, the TV ruined everything ((can you find another place for it?