How to fix a stool?

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 Roma Eichmann
How to fix a stool?
Hello everyone, the stool broke, how can I attach it back? Cushion on the seat. I will be grateful if you answer) Thank you


Dr. Burns
glue with epoxy

Sergey Dmitriev
Corners + screws. The length of the self-tapping screw is 16 mm - the maximum, it is better to take a long 13 mm. Furniture corners or fixing take. Pull the seat. New fabric or Dermontin == fasten with a stapler.

Irina Baron
It's easier to make a cover-removable. She herself built a masterpiece from an autumn coat. The royal chair, in the end. Watch the video tutorials.

Sigismund Schweller
I see several options. But in your performance, none is feasible ..

you have already been told ... metal corners, self-tapping screws ... anyone can do it would be a desire