What do you know about eclectic interior style?


 Asya Vid
What do you know about eclectic interior style?


Artyom Kalachov

what do you want to hear? by the way, even before it became a style, it was considered bad taste, but I like mixing styles in moderation, for example, classicism, but it’s beautifully strict, but I want some kind of frivolity, I don’t like baroque and rococo, but you can add some kind of trinket from these styles and it will no longer be strict, but cute

Sigismund Schweller
Purpose of the question? see description? So it's all there on the internet.

The fact that if guests grumble about the lack of style in your new renovation, you must arrogantly declare that it is eclectic or fusion.

Dmitry Dmitriev
a mixture of elements from different styles, sometimes incompatible. If you have a high-tech kitchen, and there are knitted rugs on chrome-plated chairs and Soviet or ethnic dishes in the cabinets, you can safely call it eclectic :)