Who has custom doors? (a question for the wealthy and wealthy)

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 Sergey Parfilov
Who has custom doors? (a question for the wealthy and wealthy)
I decided to make a small redevelopment of the living area here and put doors 3 meters high. Who has? How about in terms of operation? Pros-cons...


Mr. Jam Que Tal?
I have

Is the ceiling high enough for a door like this? I don’t have such (although the height allows - I didn’t want / didn’t think about something). But in a separate apartment, probably, any whim is possible and the operation is standard, that is, you don’t stomp like in communal apartments. Here in it stands a tall (probably from tsarist times), restoration (needed) - half a kingdom, a new one - in general, space.

Alexey Kuznetsov
yes, any height-4 loops and closers

fucking walrus
The wealthy don't sit here.