Do-it-yourself kitchen set, how and from what?


 Misha Ilyin
Do-it-yourself kitchen set, how and from what?
Go buy in Leroy or order .... Not an option. You need the most cheap, but it's okay! So that it does not fall apart after 5 years or earlier. For the price of a Leroy box, you can assemble it from MDF ... Plan, corner kitchen. Sink in the corner set and on the sides of the cabinet + hinged. 1-What to collect and how to process, paint and TD? 2-How is a countertop made for a corner sink cabinet? (the sink will most likely be round). Sawing and TD will most likely be in Leroy, they probably know everything themselves, but still Well, in fact, all the important points in this matter that you know regarding the selection and processing of material


pilot in time
I don’t know shit, I don’t have shit = but I want to? see ads = give or in the trash

꧁꧁ Mirabilis Ovis ꧂꧂
1. buy scaffolding from a forester who is at least 150 years old. 2. saw it into boards 3. use nails, glue, tools to assemble what you need

shield of pine..ash.,facades are ready array.

Sasha Sh.
Cheap, fast. Qualitatively. You can choose any two combinations ... That is, if Cheap + Qualitative = It will take a long time, Cheap + Quick = Marriage, Fast + Qualitative = Expensive. You are not the first who wants, like Neo from The Matrix, to download information on any topic directly into the brain - https://otvet.mail.ru/question/213682142 But why do you think professionals spend their years and money to train as a carpenter and finisher, and then continue to be interested in new technologies all their lives? We don’t dissuade, but we advise you to “measure seven times before cutting off one” - even the “experienced” often “jambs” come out when making kitchen furniture. Choose the version of the kitchen environment that you consider the minimum necessary and save money for it - you cannot do without the services of specialists. Otherwise, reworking mistakes will become very, very expensive for you. We don't scare. We just know such cases ... By the way, in addition to the furniture itself, you will need knowledge about built-in appliances and the ability to install / connect it. Why is it necessary to carry out the appropriate preparatory work for laying communications BEFORE installing / manufacturing a headset ... https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9C%D0%B5%D0%B1%D0%B5%D0%BB%D1 %8C_%D0%B4%D0%BB%D1%8F_%D0%BA%D1%83%D1%85%D0%BD%D0%B8

Irina Baron
Write an ad in your city: I will take out your kitchen myself or buy it cheap. Look at Avito ads: Pickup. Kitchen. From chipboard, you can inexpensively buy wall cabinets. We bought a sink in Leroy-Marlene.

Mostly made from chipboard. Sawing in Leroy is very expensive, there are firms that specialize in selling chipboard through sawing. They cut much cheaper than in Leroy. True, it’s impossible to come and buy there, they have an order execution from two weeks. Facades can also be bought in Leroy, where you can also take edging tape and fittings and peep ideas. The manufacture of a headset must begin with design. The Goliath website has an online constructor in which you can arrange your kitchen, estimating where what is and what size cabinets and cabinets. In a design program, for example, a basic furniture maker, you can draw everything and make drawings with all dimensions, additives, specifications for parts and accessories. In order to find out all the important points, it is no longer necessary to ask for answers, but to wool the forums of furniture makers and artisans.

Alexey Kuznetsov
plywood cases will not fall apart for a hundred years

A person without experience will not succeed, and the little money that you have will be wasted. Just the other day, they were doing repairs in my entrance and absolutely whole cabinets were taken out to the trash heap. A friend rents an apartment with a terrible kitchen, I called him, he took it and is extremely happy. But if a used one bothers you, then buy the two cheapest cabinets, put them in different corners, and cover them with a tabletop on top. The void can be hung with a fabric to match the curtains, and all the good stuff can be put there in boxes. And with each payday to buy more in the closet.

I do not advise you to bother. my husband made a rack, starting from the fact that he planed the boards with a planer for several months, he fiddled around and all this time in our room (we lived in his parents' apartment), which is 9 meters in size, there was a workbench and got in the way

chilly november
imagine what the collective farm will be

Igor Sorokin
I would not recommend making furniture yourself, it will not work out well. Cheap, perhaps, but everything can fall apart in a week. You also need to know the technology, buy quality materials. Look at the kitchens of the furniture factory Bobr, they have a very decent quality for affordable money. Plus there are promotions, too, you can save on this. This kitchen will definitely serve you for a long time, I have been using it for more than five years, not a single complaint.