Should I make a "high bed / bed under the ceiling"?

Такие способы определения поставщика предполагают, что заказчик сам выходит.. В данных обстоятельствах победителем выступает лицо, предложившее самую низкую цену контракта. Стоимость в котировочной заявке указывается единожды (это единственный критерий для оценивания поставщиков). Этим рассматриваемый способ отличается от аукционного.

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Should I make a "high bed / bed under the ceiling"?
Tell me, please, who knows if it is worth doing "Bed under the ceiling" with a ceiling height of 2.5 m? (See examples) And yes, will there be enough space to sit down? The room itself, if anything, is quite wide. With the installation itself, and finding the place of problems should not be. Thanks in advance! (*´꒳`*)


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Dmitry Pronin
don't fall down drunk? do

What did you not like about the Folding Bed option from the closet? On order or on your own, you can make one for 10k, easy + mattress 20-30k.

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You don’t have to think about the place, but about the air that is not there, and about hell, since everything will be warm under the ceiling. There will be nothing to breathe. Fresh air downstairs. The lower, the richer in oxygen. And at the top, carbon dioxide is concentrated and the temperature is high (greenhouse effect, no fan will save).

Katrin Shelkova
If there are children in the apartment, they will fall from there.

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This is done in apartments with very high ceilings. In the summer it is very hot there, so you need to install the air conditioner according to your mind.

Sasha Sh.
What for? If the room is well ventilated, you can climb the ceiling. Only with convenience and design you will have to think - non-standard solutions are needed ... It is better to find a specialist consultant in a furniture store or a carpentry workshop.

kazakh woman without vipka
I think that in principle it can be done, but for me this experience was dangerous .. I often “twist” in my sleep, then on one side, then on the other, in general, I move around the bed during sleep from childhood to this day. So, I practically had a wall on both sides, but I still fell from there to the floor. it was painful - even the doctors were called. and here, so in general! look, there is practically NOTHING on the 2nd side of the bed. turned a bit and immediately fell. I advise you to do if there are no problems with sleep, and so it looks beautiful and cute.

Irina Baron
Never! Fracture of the neck, back. Elena Mukhina is 5 years older. She lay in bed for more than 20 years after a neck injury. World Champion. Gymnast.

In addition to the mentioned stuffiness, which cannot be corrected by air conditioning, because it simply cools the air, and does not ventilate it, and usually the ventilation in apartments is in the bathroom and in the kitchen, and not in the room, there is another problem: it is inconvenient to make the bed.

just a wanderer
not worth it.

vladimir aganisyan
This should not be done, otherwise, during sex, you will start thinking more about how you would not fall down.