Question about the table

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 Ibrahim Beshirov
Question about the table
The photo shows this extra space, naturally, ideally, it would be if the table captured both corners. I came up with a perhaps brilliant idea to order separately this countertop / board, which will be a little larger in size and cover both corners. Can I just unscrew the legs from the old board and screw them onto the new one? And what to do with these holes at the board where the legs are screwed in, they will be automatically made for me in the furniture, either I have to ask, or they are optional? (p.s. I don't understand this..)


Sergey Matveev
It is easier to order a board of the required shape from a (familiar) carpenter, manually, wash the surface and varnish it. Unscrew the sockets in the surface of the table for legs at the current table

Irina Baron
Maybe easier? Measure length and width. Height and a new table. Now there is a huge selection. I love natural wood.

Alexey Kuznetsov
and why then the legs, you can attach to the walls

Georgy Glurdzhidze
Why waste money on a table? It's not better - to put a narrow cabinet there - or to make shelves from the table legs to the wall ??? You can have a wide cabinet so that there is from the legs of the table to the wall, and make the top from a thick board.

Bronislav Ogarko
The question about the table for many years I have had a quiet horror of the Soviet times - the stand is absolutely wooden

Evgeny Kochubaev
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The simplest and cheapest thing is to buy a kitchen worktop and prettier brackets in Leroy, saw off the desired length and edging there, and screw the brackets to the walls. One minus - if you want to rearrange, you will have to mask the holes from the brackets.

Vladlen Kolobashkin
Question about the table, is my computer a separate PC or laptop?? On the laptop, the system unit stands separately! If possible, put it the other way around, because you have enough prots for the side or bottom, even though they are unpaired! (I don’t see the point not on the side bars!)