What is the most comfortable mattress for sleeping?

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 Sofia Evseeva
What is the most comfortable mattress for sleeping?


For everyone differently

Kingdom Games
Xs, on a cardboard is better

gfdfcdd grergh
I sleep on the floor

Your Majesty
Mustachioed striped.

Mattress by Dormeo

smooth and clean

Arthur Pirozhkov
orthopedic, but in general, who cares

Medium hardness A versatile variety that is suitable for people of average build without any special health problems. In such products are: artificial latex, memorix, polyurethane foam, coconut. Most often, the required hardness is achieved due to the combination of different layers of filler.

I love soft. But this was not on the spring block.

ilana moses
a different mattress is comfortable for each back.

Irina Polyakova
I have a modest one. From Ikea.

Kira Estorskaya
Spring. My advice to you is to go to the salon and lie down! They ordered Ascona, it seems to be a universal option - medium and increased rigidity (I sleep on the second side). Maybe better and tougher. This is individual.

vladimir aganisyan