Can you sleep on a soft surface?

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 why ask
Can you sleep on a soft surface?
I'm extremely uncomfortable with it.


Fresh warm bread
On a very soft no, the back is uncomfortable

Dmitry Polyakov
No bed anywhere

ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ
So sleep on the rocks.

Sad Sparrow
I love medium firm mattresses.

I always sleep on it

Anatoly Novikov
I can

Applicant Student
Yes, also on hard

mda hes
Well, the stump is clear not on bricks

I do not like very soft mattresses, normally medium-hard mattresses.

No, I slept at home on a very hard mattress, it does not even squeeze under the booty. Almost entirely from coconut. And when the bed is soft, I put a sheet or blanket on the floor under it and sleep right on the floor. Mild pain in the back, lower back.

By the will of fate, now I have to sleep on a soft one, but at home I have a fairly hard mattress.

vladimir aganisyan
It is best to go to SLEEP ON THE WIFE