What can be done from the box?


 Normal Santa
What can be done from the box?
There is a box of 34 cm, what can be done from it?


Coffin. For guinea pigs or less.

Fursov Yuri
first aid kit

Roman Kruglik

Tsar Sergei ♛

Jewelry box. Document drawer, if suitable for A4 width. Key holder on the wall Drawer for pens Drawer for knives, forks, etc.

d d
firewood. definitely

with a chipboard base? this is shit!

Remove the bottom, attach loops on top of the corners and use as a shelf in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Sigismund Schweller
On the wrong side of the issue. When something specific needs to be done, and you think about whether this box is suitable for this, this is one thing. And when you don’t need anything and you think that you can scoop it out of the box, just because it’s a pity to throw it away - this is stupid. Throw it away and don't litter your home.

Gleb Allov
slipper and socks storage

Can of Raccoons
Another box.

just a wanderer
hanging cabinet (pharmacy, shampoo); drawer for vegetables, linen, USB wires, batteries and other gadget gadgets. footrest how do we know what you need?

Sergey Dmitriev
Hideout for a cat. Although what kind of cat, mine, for example, loves plastic bags and cardboard boxes.