Which countertop is best for pistachio kitchen?


Which countertop is best for pistachio kitchen?




the pistachio color has many shades, it’s hard to advise without seeing your kitchen, I don’t like the colors, but I would choose the lower one out of the three. In general, I do this when I select the color scheme, I combine two or three colors in the paint, for example, I also look at the curtains whether it will fit well

When we made the kitchen, the designer said that the countertop should match the floor. In my opinion, everything should be harmonious and the apron should not fall out either, so I can’t answer your question, but purely visually I like the second one better, more expressive or something

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of the proposed second is more interesting but !! if it is not combined with anything (floor, window sill, fragments of an apron), then there will be no sense. the same applies to other textures. pistachio likes a combination with white, if wood, then partial, accent wall decoration is welcome. wood countertops look good with blue pedestals. Will your kitchen be boring?