How to eliminate the smell from plastic furniture?

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 Alena Nikitina
How to eliminate the smell from plastic furniture?
We bought a computer table for a child - a rotating, plastic one with a soft seat. From plastic parts (and they are ~ 80%) a terrible smell. Already washed and ventilated on the balcony for almost a month - the smell does not go away. And the smell is very nasty, straight poisonous. I should have turned it back, but it was already too late. How to get rid of the pungent smell of plastic?


Fedor Novikov
Throw out this muck before you get poisoned.

Sergey A.M.
It is necessary to get rid of smelly plastic. It is toxic. It was necessary to inspect it when buying ... and smell it.

it was necessary after 4-5 days if the smell does not go away to take it back, now there is no way to get rid of the smell.

Try soda. Better paint from a can.

Helga Wolf
no way, it means that there are harmful paints and it will harm the child. therefore, it is advised never to buy anything strong-smelling, especially for children.

paint with paint

Irina Panova
from smelly - get rid of as you see fit and buy a new one. (already given the sad experience)

Irina Baron
Take it to the store and yell: That they sold a table that is dangerous for the life of a child! Let them return the money or exchange it for a natural tree!

Kiss mis*ka
Return to the store .. under the WARRANTY.