Which chairs are more practical?

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 Dmitry Podkatilin
Which chairs are more practical?
I want to buy 5 chairs. Plastic can be folded with a sandwich, and metal can be folded. Share your experience, who had any problems ... They break, wash poorly, cats rip off, they can’t stand fat-assed


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They all do not inspire confidence, too fragile.

Can take solid wood? Plastic is cheap, metal will start to break in a couple of months. Neither one nor the other would take.

The plastic one has probably been standing for about 5 years. There are not even scratches. indestructible

Andrey Kolosov
Take the iron ones, at least they can go over the back of anyone.

N.S. (Z.F)
Good afternoon, I also recently took chairs and took just such metal ones, they are very comfortable and fold. I think they will last a long time.

From the fact that there are none in the photo, you need to look at something stronger

Sigismund Schweller
There is nothing to say about plastic, but, 100% - the simpler the design, the more reliable. All these hinges and other moving parts do not last long. And look at the welding - such chairs are welded with tacks, there are no seams at all.

foolishly everything can be broken.

Plastic chairs crack and then scratch, this is unpleasant. I didn't use metal, I don't know.

Sergey Dmitriev
In the garbage we have - periodically these plastic chairs are thrown away. See wooden folding. Although, as an option: you can take a piece of iron, repair it - it will be no problem. And for fat guests - buy 2 stools and 2 boards 150 x 50 x 2000 - you will make a bench and you're done.

Irina Polyakova
Better "Viennese". Bent. Inherited from great-grandmother

just a wanderer
wooden folding. everything in the photo is a fussy person sitting on a metal. of the presented sample generally risk tipping back.

vladimir aganisyan