Will a 170cm x 60cm computer desk sag from a 38mm thick kitchen worktop

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Will a 170cm x 60cm computer desk sag from a 38mm thick kitchen worktop
There is an idea to make a computer table from a kitchen countertop. Table long (width) 170cm and depth 60cm, tabletop thickness 38mm. The legs are approximately as in the picture (there will be no cutout in the table as in the picture). So, if there was an idea to make the table longer than the standard length, there would be no question of reliability, there is experience, but because of the length of 170 cm, suspicions creep in whether it will bend in the middle. There will be a bracket with two monitors on the table, the peripherals will be different, the subwoofer from the speakers will stand approximately where the legs are, I don’t worry about it, I still don’t know about the computer case, either on the floor or on the table, but also, near the leg (on the opposite leg from column). Connoisseurs, tell me. Tabletop with Leruakhi legs


youtube greens
I don't think so, but it's not certain. Go to the store and click on the countertop.

not immediately, but it will bend anyway

Fursov Yuri
Will not !

Computer hardware is not heavy, so if you can’t store a bag of potatoes on it, it won’t bend. But if you are afraid, fasten a bar of at least 50x50 along the tabletop from below.

Irina Baron
I love natural wood. Leave as shown in the photo. I have 56 cm for a 90 table. True Notebook, large pad for the mouse. I have enough. Serves for several years. I'm happy.

Sasha Sh.
Well, if you don't want to sit on a table, then such a countertop can easily withstand the load of standard computer components. Another thing is how rigid the fastening of the legs will turn out - even "powerful" screws can gradually loosen: think about a longitudinal collet / rib of cruelty, which can be either from the same material as the tabletop or metal, represent a single structure with table supports.

Sigismund Schweller
Watching how to make a frame. If the countertop, in addition to the legs, rests only on air, such a design will not last long.

Alexey Kuznetsov
the amplifier will need to stagger between the legs, as in Sasha's answer or a metal jumper

Georgy Glurdzhidze
Diagonally under the countertop, nail two boards with a cross

Chipboard tabletop or furniture board? If the countertop is made of chipboard, then the cutout will need to be framed somehow, and this place of greatest friction will quickly peel off. And so there are kitchen worktops of different thicknesses, the thicker, the stronger, but also more expensive.

Will not bend. Shake, vibrate, loosen - it will. A table is much more complicated than a stove and legs. Make a stand for monitors - SEPARATE. Or not rigidly connected to the table, only through an elastic SOFT gasket / spacer. Sistemnik - hang from the tabletop on springs or (better) rubber (from winter tires, for example. Sub - should not be connected to the table in any way and should not transmit vibration to monitors in any way ... The table must withstand 3 kicks without the slightest damage and backlash at the end of the tabletop, trained to beat a person weighing 85 kg.If after the impacts the table has not received even the slightest backlash, it can be used for at least a year.If the table withstands 3 hits with a load of 70 kg on the table, the table will last up to 3 years.But usually legs break off...