How to straighten a chair?

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How to straighten a chair?
The upholstered chair was dented down and it was impossible to pry it with anything (Everything is boarded up from below, you can’t climb in from the inside, from the back too. Maybe someone has already had such a situation? Can you advise some master?


Remove the upholstery and replace the foam inside. Dissolve the seam of the fabric on one side and it will be possible even without removing everything entirely to get the insides. I changed all the fabric on the old chair, although I had never done anything like this before. There is nothing complicated at all. Especially when you only need to change the filler inside the chair, and not change the entire fabric. Everything is much easier here. And in general, any furniture can be disassembled and then put back together.

Remove the casing and figure out what's inside, replace the foam will be like new

Can top cushion for chairs

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