Repair of drawers

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 nikita yakovlev
Repair of drawers
I can’t insert the drawers, I insert them into the guide and the drawer moves only halfway and does not move further, what should I do?


CPSU TsIPSO of All Rus'
One of the solutions to the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGcBfhmydO0

Ekaterina Dashuk

Sergey Dmitriev
push harder

Maybe the screws are in the way? Did you finish it to the end?

Sigismund Schweller
What to do? Turn on the mind, damn it .. You are not assembling an orbital station. The design is elementary. To see and understand what is in the way - is it really an unrealistically difficult task?

If the guides are on bearings, but there should be a retainer, but I had a case when the guide was bent. Look at everything carefully