Advise glue for non-woven wallpaper.

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 Anton Trafimenko
Advise glue for non-woven wallpaper.
There are a lot of all sorts of glues, there are also a lot of reviews, there are also a lot of prices. Maybe someone will tell you some kind of glue, so that it’s like in a fairy tale: it’s inexpensive and holds well.


Glue for non-woven wallpaper .. Nothing else came to your mind.

santa casper

glue for non-woven wallpaper.

In the night
It doesn’t happen like in a fairy tale ... it’s all the same, if you want, it’s better. but it will be, as always ..) names, glues to hell, it’s true ... maybe the seller will advise something, if he fumbles, well, or he will call one of his who can tell..)

Alexey Kuznetsov
they are all the same in composition for both paper and non-woven. Quality lousy kelid too, how lucky KLEO normal

Sigismund Schweller
Glue does not play a special role, they are all normal. The main thing is what will be the surface on which to glue.

To be honest with non-woven wallpaper, it’s better not to save on glue

there is a secret if you take the cheapest example, then you need to pour less water than they write per liter or half a liter, and then look so that it is not very thick

Matvey Kuprin
In fact, gluing non-woven wallpaper is not particularly different from ordinary ones, while you can use universal glue, I personally glued them on pva-based construction waterproof glue, which I took from https://gkpartner.com/catalog/stroitelnye-klei/, everything is great.