What to do with a niche in the kitchen?


 Mordseed L
What to do with a niche in the kitchen?
niche 20x38, what can be done with it? Now there is a narrow sink, not very convenient. On the side where the niche is, there is a sink, a stove and a geyser hanging closer to the right wall, the upper wall and the wall from the door to the niche are covered with tiles. There are thoughts to buy a column according to the size of the niche and put it there, or somehow use it under a deep locker


Konstantin Stryapnin
Erase it and don't sweat it

shelves .. decorate .. wood .. canvas .. clay .. by the way, if there is a column in the plan .. forget it .. it should be there!

Fresh warm bread
You can disguise it and store treasure in it.

Andrey Kolosov
Let there be garbage

Tiamat +
Make a hiding place a secret door so that if something happens, hide your lover (lover), or hide from the cops

1000000 minutes
I would make a deep cabinet with shelves there. It will always come in handy in the kitchen.

Katy LJ
and where is the sink? 20 cm, neither mind nor heart .. if you put a headset there, it is not needed there ..

♡ ❀ Miss from Norilsk 2007
in my opinion, the shelves would fit perfectly) storage space is never superfluous)

shower stall for cats

Alexey Kuznetsov
it’s just shelves from chipboard there, it’s like sewerage and water pipes there, according to the project, there were mothers in the house the same garbage in the corner

I would put a column in there too. She asks for this place.

20 cm is nothing at all. and width 38 is quite small. which column? there is perhaps mini shelves for jars of spices

Make shelves and use for decoration.

Living in paradise dressed in happiness
I would make shelves

chilly november
and I would put some chair there

Depth 20 cm. It might be better to make a rack there

Radha Krishna Sita Rama
It is better not to keep any heated things in niches. Let's just have some closet. Nr, for pans and lids. Or for spices.

Lily Bezuglykh
I would put a cabinet there. I have a similar niche in my kitchen, only larger in size. Because of this niche, I abandoned the standard kitchen, furniture was made to order. By the way, it turned out to be not so expensive, we made it at the Beaver furniture factory. Plus, a designer consultant came to our house from the factory and helped with measurements, arrangement of cabinets and equipment. All in all it turned out perfect!