How to remove an orange burn from a sofa?

Плазменная резка металла с ЧПУ позволяет выполнять раскрой любой сложности Чтобы узнать, как это сделать, нажмите здесь. Плазменная резка, области её применения и преимущества. Что такое аппарат плазменной резки?

How to remove an orange burn from a sofa?
I wanted to dry the wet spot from the sofa with a hair dryer, in the toga I overexposed the hair dryer close by, and a small area burned down (the villi became orange burnt), is it possible to somehow remove this burn effect?


a patch.

Throw a sofa cushion over there.

Irina Baron
They taught in the USSR. If the fabric is burned, then hydrogen peroxide is fast. I tried it myself. Linen. It worked! You can also halve the onion. Grate.

Alexey Kuznetsov
and the photo? upholstery is usually synthetic; it does not turn yellow from heat

Radha Krishna Sita Rama
Any glue application in tone.