Which furniture is better: ready-made or custom-made?

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e502b9b4 A person who is in a state of repair and reaches the stage of furnishing always asks himself the question: should I buy something ready-made, or order furniture according to an individual project? On the one hand, long shopping trips inspire and suggest new design solutions, but they also tire and cause confusion.

In this material, we will give you a couple of practical tips on how to choose the best options and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of finished furniture and custom-made sets.

Ready-made furniture solutions: pros and cons

Today in furniture stores you can find options for every taste and budget, from the simplest to exquisite works of carpentry. The advantages of such furniture:

Speed. Ready-made furniture can be delivered and assembled in your interior the very next day;
Price. Serial factory products are usually cheaper than custom-made;
Presentation. Often in stores they exhibit the same furniture options, but made of different materials in different color combinations. For those who have problems with abstract and creative thinking, it is much easier to choose from ready-made options.

The benefits listed above are significant. For many years, the apartments of the inhabitants of our country were filled with ready-made furniture sets, and everyone was quite satisfied with them. But today, when there is a choice, one should always take into account not only the pros, but also the cons of ready-made furniture options:

Lack of uniqueness. Serial models are faceless, and the same closet as yours will stand in many other apartments;
delivery problems. There are cases when large-scale ready-made furniture compositions did not tolerate the processes of disassembly, transportation and assembly in a new place;
Poor quality materials. The affordable price often hides such “surprises” as cheap materials, flimsy fasteners and weak fittings. These shortcomings may not be immediately noticeable, but they will definitely appear during operation;
Problems with placement in the interior. No matter how accurately you measure the dimensions of the room, finished furniture very rarely fits perfectly.

Custom-made furniture

Advantages and disadvantages of custom-made furniture

The main advantage of custom-made furniture is its absolute uniqueness and the opportunity to express your personal taste. There are also other benefits:

Perfect measurements and dimensions. Custom-made furniture will fit without gaps and protruding corners, hide the curvature of the walls and make the interior neat;
Materials. Companies that make furniture offer a huge range of textures, colors and accessories, and the customer can always choose the best for himself;
A responsibility. Furniture makers fully control the entire process, from ordering to assembly and delivery of the object.

Of course, custom-made furniture is always unique, reflects your personal taste and fits perfectly into the space. But there are also some nuances that sometimes smooth out a pleasant impression:

Manufacturing duration. The process of creating furniture to order is not fast, and sometimes the customer has to wait several weeks;
Price. Custom-designed furniture is more expensive than store-bought furniture, as the pricing process takes into account the costs of design, assembly and selected materials;
reputational risks. In pursuit of cheapness, there is a chance to meet unscrupulous performers, so you need to contact only trusted companies.

In general, both options have their pros and cons, and the choice always depends on the buyer. We only urge you to carefully approach the issue of selecting furniture, because things that are bought for many years, first of all, must be of high quality.