What materials are furniture made of?

e502b9b4 Today, designers can use a variety of materials - metal, plastic, glass, rattan. But the most popular are solid wood, chipboard or chipboard, MDF, postforming.

Natural wood is used to make luxury furniture. Solid wood furniture is solid and beautiful. It is ideal for creating a noble classic interior, but not without flaws.

afraid of moisture;
too expensive;
requires complex care.

What kind of wood is the furniture made from?

Pine leads in the accessible segment, followed by birch, oak, ash, walnut, and acacia. More expensive headsets are made from exotic sandalwood, mango, teak, mahogany. These materials have a beautiful texture and a rich range of shades, from pinkish mango to red-brown.

Much more often, more democratic materials are used for the manufacture of furniture in Odessa.

Chipboard - consists of compressed and glued sawdust, shavings. Formaldehyde is used as a binder. The outer sides of the chipboard boards are covered with cladding. This is the most budgetary and short-lived material.

Chipboard is, in fact, laminated chipboard coated with paper-resin film. The surface of laminated chipboard can be of any shade, have a smooth or embossed structure, imitate leather, metal. Waterproof laminated chipboard has a special protective impregnation. This material is most often used for the manufacture of custom-made furniture. It is easy to mark and cut, but it is necessary to carefully seal the ends of the product.

MDF - made from chips of a very fine fraction. In the process of hot pressing, wood "flour" is bound by an adhesive composition based on natural paraffin and lignin. The result is an environmentally friendly material. The density of the MDF board is almost the same as that of natural wood, while it is flexible, easy to process, and does not crumble. MDF is widely used in the manufacture of facades - including bent and decorated with milling.

Postforming - used in the manufacture of countertops. Both chipboard and MDF are used as the basis. The multilayer paper impregnated with a special composition turns into a wear-resistant plastic that wraps around the workpiece from the end and front side.

What furniture materials are the safest?

In descending order - natural wood, MDF, chipboard, chipboard. Factors such as the application of special impregnations and the quality of the edge processing are important. Ideally, it should be completely sealed.

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